Knox Makers Community and Resources for Creative People

Knox Makers is a place for hackers, makers, crafters, artists, and mad engineers to play, work, teach, learn, and socialize: a hackerspace for sharing workspace, tools, materials, and knowledge. We develop both group and solo projects.

Knox Makers is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization promoting mad science and creativity through presentations, hands-on workshops, and group projects, both at our workshop and out among the community. Knox Makers serves the Knoxville and Oak Ridge area with a 1,040 square foot workshop located at 1010 Commerce Park Drive, Oak Ridge. The space currently incorporates

  • 2x Laser Cutter
  • RepRap MendelMax 3D printer
  • metal machining area featuring lathe, mill, drill press, and measurement tools
  • general fabrication area incorporating workbenches, table saw, drill press, cutoff saws, belt sander, and hand tools
  • electronics workbench including soldering and rework equipment, digital and analog oscilloscopes, signal generators, and power supplies
  • material storage system stocked with wood and metal sheets, boards, and rods
  • meeting/classroom area with digital projector, 50″ LCD display, and amplified sound system

Members enjoy 24-hour access to the facility and dedicated personal storage space. Learn more at: