2018 Tennessee Science Bowl Recognition

Section Secretary/Treasurer Nora Dianne received the following email from the Tennessee Science Bowl Coordinator on Feb. 27, 2018.

Dear Nora,

Thank you for helping to make the Tennessee Science Bowl (TSB) a tremendous success!   Fifty-nine teams from fifty schools across Tennessee participated this year. Thanks to IEEE of East TN, 290 students were able to participate in this highly-competitive STEM educational opportunity. The TSB would not have been possible without your support.

The 2018 TSB winners are:

1st Place:             Oak Ridge High School (Oak Ridge) – Team 1

2nd Place:            Signal Mountain High School (Signal Mountain) – Team 1

3rd Place:             White Station High School (Memphis) – Team 1

4th Place:             Cookeville High School (Cookeville) – Team 1

Civility Award:      Central High School (Knoxville) – Team 1

I have attached the photo of you at the TSB dinner on Friday. You are pictured with Claire Sinclair (US DOE Public Information Officer), Dr. Anthony Wise (PSCC President), Kristen Waldschlager (CNS Education Outreach), and Dave Duncan (ORAU Senior Vice President, Scientific Assessment and Workforce Development). Additional pictures of the event will be uploaded to the TSB website at http://www.orau.gov/sciencebowl later this week.

Thank you again for your generous contribution.  Information about the 2019 Tennessee Science Bowl will be sent in the fall!  I hope that you will consider supporting the event again as we continue on our journey to increase the number of schools who are able to compete.  

Thank you,

Jennifer Tyrell

Tennessee Science Bowl Coordinator

Scientific Assessment & Workforce Development