Resources for Standing and ad hoc Committees and ex officio Members of the ExCom

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For Richmond Section Standing and ad hoc Committees and ex officio Members of ExCom:

  1. AR-Awards and Recognition (Open)
    1. IEEE Awards and Recognition
    2. IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition
    3. Region 3 Awards and Recognition
    4. Region 3 Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) 2016 Program Manual
    5. Other Awards and Recognition
      1. Richmond Joint Engineers Council (RJEC)
    6. Recognition Products
  2. CNW-Communications, Newsletter & Webmaster (Open)
    1. SF Bay Area Website Development Guide
  3. EA-Educational Activities (Open)
    1. IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB)
    2. IEEE Education and Careers
    3. Region 3 Educational Activities Committee (EAC)
  4. EC-Events Committee (ex officio by Section Vice-Chair) – ad hoc
    1. Technical (monthly, including at least one plant tour)
    2. Professional (4 per year, one major event)
    3. Social (2 per year, Summer and Winter)
    4. IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Program
    5. IEEE Smart Tech:  Metro Area Workshop Series (1- or 2-day seminars)
    6. Please see the IEEE Richmond Checklists listed here and above.
    7. IEEE Continuing Education
    8. Awarding Continuing Education Units
    9. IEEE Certificates Program Expands Its Reach
    10. Continuing Education (by the Baltimore Section)
  5. IR-Industry Relations (Open)
  6. MD-Membership Development (Open)
    1. IEEE Membership Development (MD)
    2. The Elevator Pitch, Hallway Remark and Meeting Opener
    3. IEEE Member Development Manual
    4. Orientation for New IEEE Membership Development (MD) Officers
    5. IEEE Membership Development Resource Page
      1. Promotional Kit Order Form for Membership Development
    6. IEEE Membership Development (MD) Webcast Archive Guide:  2012
    7. Conference Member Recruitment (CMR)
    8. Welcome committee for new members
      1. Section/Chapter Outreach for New Members (pro forma letter)
      2. Student to Member Transition
    9. First Year Retention:  New Effort Focuses on First-Year Members
    10. Transition from Student to GOLD (now, Young Professionals)
      1. IEEE Communications Society iSTEP Program Helps Students Transition to the Profession
      2. Student Transition & Elevation Program | IEEE PNEC Student Branch
      3. IEEE SMC (Systems, Man & Cypernetics Society) Transition from Student to Young Profesional
    11. Member Grade Elevation and Member Recognition
    12. Senior Member Grade Elevation
    13. Life Members
      1. Life Members Affinity Groups
      2. Life Membership and the Life Members Fund
      3. North Jersey Life Members AG
      4. Phoenix Life Members AG
      5. Richmond Life Members AG (TBD)
    14. Fellows
    15. Member Loyalty Program
    16. Membership Development Reports
    17. Following area under development:
      1. IEEE Membership Pins
      2. IEEE Product Orders & Sample Photos
      3. Lapel Pin Order Form
      4. Membership and Subscriptions Catalog
      5. Product Order Form
      6. IEEE “Specialties” Pins
  7. NA-Nominations and Appointments (Open)
    1. Annual Election
    2. Standing Committees
    3. Ad hoc Committees
  8. OD-Organizational Development (Open) – ad hoc
    1. New Technical Chapters-Our members represent 35 of the 39 Technical Societies, 10 in sufficient numbers to warrant the formation of new Technical Chapters (we presently have one, PES), and 15 almost make the grade.
      1. Number of members presently enrolled in each Technical Society and Council
      2. How to create a new Society/Technical Council/Joint Chapter
    2. New Affinity Groups-Our members are in sufficient numbers to warrant the formation of new Affinity Groups
      1. IEEE Affinity Groups
      2. IEEE Geographic Unit Formation Policies and Petitions
      3. Women in Engineering (presently constituted)
      4. How to Create a Young Professionals Affinity Group
      5. Life Members
      6. Consultants Network
      7. How to form a new Affinity Group
    3. Richmond Computer Chapter (pre-conception, under development, Chair, Wei Zhang,, Committee:  James Imanian, )
      1. Richmond-Computer-Chapter-Steering-Committee (private)
      2. Richmond-Computer Chapter-Founders-Committee (private)
      3. Richmond-Computer-Chapter-Officers (public, once formed)
      4. Richmond-Computer-Chapter-All-Members (private)
    4. Richmond North-Dahlgren, Fredericksburg, Stafford Sub-unit (Committee:  Jack Vo,
    5. Richmond Communications Society Chapter – new chapter formation effort/  For more information, contact Mike Geipel via email: .
  9. PA-Professional Activities/Professional Development (Open)
    1. PACE (Professional Activities Committee for Engineers)
      1. Requirement for 4 Professional Development Meetings a year, one of which should be a major event
      2. Assurance of CEU/PDH credits for all qualified meetings, seminars and workshops
  10. SA-Student Activities
    1. IEEE Membership Development – Student Branch Edition
    2. IEEE Student Activities
    3. Student Webinars
    4. Student Transition and Elevation Partnership (STEP)
    5. IEEE Students and Young ProfessionalsServing and Preparing Our Next Generation of Leaders, Webinar Date:  11/13/2014, Presenter:  Shareyna Scott; Q&A Session Notes
    6. Digital Delivery of IEEE SpectrumThe Institute for IEEE Student and Graduate Student Members
    7. EPICS-in-IEEE Webinar – Region 8 20-November-2014
    8. VCU SB
    9. VCU HKN Chapter
    10. VSU SB
    11. (Application for VSU HKN Chapter?)
    12. Other, new Student Branches?
  11. TC & AG-Technical Chapter & Affinity Group Coordinators Committee (Occupied by ex officio members of ExCom) – ad hoc
    1. Richmond Power and Energy Chapter (PES) (Chair, Alan Ott,
    2. Richmond WIE Affinity Group (WIE) (Interim Chair, Evanne Wang,

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