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Visualization, Imagination, And Thinking from Einstein to Teaching Modern Physics

P. Sprawls

Medical Physics International journal. MPI-2022-02-p321.pdf (mpijournal.org)

Abstract: Physics, especially modern physics, is the foundation science of many current technologies, especially the medical imaging modalities including Digital Mammography, Computed Tomography, MRI, and the radionuclide imaging methods, PET and SPECT. These are all complex operations that require a significant knowledge of physics by the physicians and other medical professionals performing the procedures. The knowledge needed is generally different from the mathematical and quantitative knowledge needed by engineers and scientists developing the technology. What is required is a mental network of sensory concepts related to the physics and physical interactions of the image formation process. Educational activities (classes, conferences, etc.) based on the thoughts and methods of Prof. Albert Einstein are especially effective in enabling medical professionals to learn and develop physics knowledge to support the clinical applications of the modern medical imaging methods and procedures.


A Personal Perspective and Journey Perry Sprawls

MEDICAL PHYSICS INTERNATIONAL Journal, Special Issue, History of Medical Physics 8, 2022 968

Abstract: The classroom has been the space for learning and teaching throughout history. However, especially in more recent years, it has undergone many changes in both how students learn and the methods of teaching. This has been driven by many factors, including the expanding scope and depth of knowledge required by students and the continuing developments in electronic and digital technology. The author describes and illustrates this evolution from over 50 years of personal experience ranging from just a piece of chalk and a blackboard to the technically enhanced classroom around the world.

MEDICAL PHYSICS INTERNATIONAL Journal, Special Issue, History of Medical Physics 8, 2022 1020

Abstract: Soon after the discovery of X-Rays and radioactivity both were used for medical purposes. At that time, the harmful effects of radiation on the human body were not well known and many medical workers were exposed to fatal amounts of radiation.
A monument in honor of these Martyrs is on the grounds of a hospital in Germany.