Embrace Your Creativity! – Bailey Heyman
Creativity is the most desired soft skill by companies in 2019 according to a study from LinkedIn as creativity allows you to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing industries that exist today. Yet, many people think that the term “creative engineer” is an oxymoron. In this talk, we will discuss whether or not creativity is a skill that one can acquire, or if it is only something that you are born with. We will discuss how to free your mind to become a more creative thinker and how to leverage creativity in your personal life into your professional life, and vise-versa. Bailey will also discuss how skills such as sewing and crafting allowed her to expand on her creativity.
Bailey Heyman is an engineer for the Navy. Bailey grew up in the heart of Austin, Texas. She went to Texas Tech and began her participation in IEEE as a student member, then went on to become Chair of the Texas Tech student branch. After completing her Masters Degree in 2015, she began working for the Navy on the Railgun project. Recently she obtained her second Masters in System’s Engineering from the Naval Post Graduate School. In her free time, Bailey likes to use her creativity to design custom clothing and other sewables with her computerized sewing machine, industrial sewing machine, soldering station, and Cricut.