Banquet awards

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Women in Engineering: Professional Achievements: This could include innovative contributions to the field, significant research findings, successful projects or designs, leadership roles in engineering endeavors, patents, publications, etc.

Student Chapter/Branch award: (for student); recognize notable contributions/activities/potential for student lead group/section (USF/FPT)

Leadership Excellence Award: Acknowledges IEEE members who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in organizing events, leading committees, or driving initiatives within the IEEE section.

Life Senior Member Achievement Award: Pays tribute to an IEEE Senior Member life member for their notable contributions to the engineering profession, IEEE or other significant contributions.

Innovation award: The nominee must be an IEEE member in good standing. Demonstrates significant contributions in their field of expertise. This can include publications, patents or notable projects that have advanced technology. The contributions should be influential in a way that it either advances the current technology or creates a breakthrough for more innovations to follow.