FWCS End of Year Banquet

St. Petersburg Yacht Club

11/16/24 @5pm

This event will celebrate the vitality of FWCS and the accomplishments of many active members. We are also pleased to welcome several IEEE Fellows from the FWCS who will make up our slate of speakers for the evening and their topics will certainly provide you with some interesting food for thought.

Some facts about your FWCS:

  • Our membership is well over 2,000 strong, and we are seeing dozens of new members month after month this year.
  • Our technical societies are very active, with PES, Computer Society, and RAS hosting and participating in multiple large events this year.
  • Our Senior Member Elevation Committee has elevated over 800 Senior Member Candidates to the rank of Senior Member over the past 3 years.
  • Our student branches and chapters are vibrant, with growing numbers of highly engaged students working up and down the IEEE to bring added value to their academic lives.
  • FWCS and student branches have collaborated across Region 3 and beyond, including an ongoing relationship with the Region 9 Peru Section and a planned collaboration with the Region 9 Colombia Section this fall.
  • The IEEE Region 3 Student Interviews Project is run out of our USF student branch, where our FWCS students are leading and collaborating with schools around the southeastern U.S. to interview IEEE senior members.


Come to the banquet, bring a guest, and get involved in one of the best IEEE sections in the Region!


Advanced registration is required. Register here:


Any questions or concerns, please contact our FWCS Banquet Committee: