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  • FWCS PES/IAS Excom - November
    Planning Meeting
  • IEEE Richmond ExCom (via WebEx)
    ExCom members will receive login information by separate email. Other attendees will be sent login information after they register.  Please JOIN the WebEx meeting in the 15 minutes before its scheduled start so it can being on time. This is the monthly meeting of the IEEE Richmond Section Executive Committee, held on the 3rd Wednesday […]
  • IEEE PES Chapter Talk - The Smart Grid Cyber-Physical Infrastructure: Challenges and Recent Trends
    Today, the reliable operation of the smart grid is a function of the configuration and cyber-physical nature of its constituting sub-components. The smart grid, thus, is a complex system, in which communication and information technologies are the main propellers of its evolution and expansion. Therefore, standardization in smart grid communications is necessary to facilitate the […]
  • Virtual IEEE SPS Distinguished Lecture: Embeddings for Spoken Words
    This is a virtual IEEE SPS Distinguished Lecture from Professor Karen Livescu (Toyota Technological Institute, USA) on an interesting topic: Embeddings for Spoken Words. This lecture is arranged by Hyderabad ComSoc/SPS Joint Chapter, and graciously allow our chapter to join. Please register the event, more details and link will be provided when available. Sorry for […]
  • UF EPS student branch chapter technical seminar # 2
    Haein Kim presented her research work entitled “In-band Full-duplex Antenna/ Circulator-in-Package Solution  for 5G New Radio Applications”. The low-loss metaconductor based antenna and SrM/PDMS composite based circulator was introduced for mmWave applications.  
  • IEEE Orlando Section Executive Committee Meeting
    This is the IEEE Orlando Section ExCOM meeting for October 2021.
    IEEE is having their next GBM on Tuesday the 19th at 7 PM in A322! Come enjoy some free pizza and build a piano circuit with us using Arduinos! If you got your Arduino kit at the last meeting, don't forget to bring it! If you don't have one yet, don't worry, we have kits you can […]
  • Web scraping and data analysis using Python and Github
    This event showcases a simple web scraping and data analysis project using Python and Github. We scrape data from a local Covid dashboard and create reports and graphics to answer some questions. Some of the tools used in the project include Python, Playwright, Pandas, Jupyter, Github and Github Actions.  If you are interested in Python […]
  • How to Find and Manage Leaked Credentials on the Dark Web
    How to Find and Manage Leaked Credentials on the Dark Web  
  • ExCom Meeting
    ExCom Meeting  
  • Melbourne Section Life & Consultant Members Financial Seminar & Italian Dinner Buffet
    BASICS of ESTATE PLANNING - We will discuss various estate planning vehicles, including Will and Trusts along with other necessary "lifetime" documents for legal, financial and medical decision making in the event you become incapacitated.  Also, learn what probate means and more importantly, how to avoid it!!! RETIREMENT FINANCIAL PLANNING - What happens after the […]
  • October Section Excom
  • IEEE NWF Section Meeting - 3-D Printing in Metal
    Additive manufacturing (AM) is a growing technology that is looking to improve upon traditional machining capabilities.  Whereas traditional machining implements subtractive techniques to remove undesirable material, additive manufacturing is an iterative processes that builds geometry in a layer-by-layer style of production.  There are many styles of additive manufacturing of metals including, Laser Powder Bed Fusion […]
  • The Future of Avionics Systems
    Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 6:30 EDT Join with Google Meet Dr. Robert Sabbatani This lecture presents the IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society (AESS) Avionics Systems Panel (ASP) views on avionics systems future evolutions, with an identification of key research challenges and industry-focused innovation opportunities. The ever-increasing density of air traffic and the […]
  • The Future of Avionics Systems
    Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 6:30 EDT Join with Google Meet  
  • IEEE E-Board Zoom Meeting
    Board meeting to plan next GBM
  • Deep Learning for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications
    Deep learning is a tool to support various industrial, biomedical and health care applications. Various machine learning processes have played a significant role in Robotics applications, medical image classification and abnormality detection from musculoskeletal radiographs . There are other 2-D images that are utilized for Tuberculosis, COVID 19 detection. Many Networks, such as Densenet, Resnet, […]
  • IEEE Distinguished Lecturers talk at UCF planning
    IEEE Orlando EDS chapter is planning to have 2 meetings in the upcoming months. Possible speakers for these meetings were identified. One of the speaker was planned to be invited as a local speaker and the other speaker will be one of the IEEE distinguished lecturers.
  • IEEE MOVE Radio Club (IMRC) - Monthly All-Hands Meeting
    OPEN MEETING -- All who are interested, licensed or not, please join us in our regular monthly meeting of the IEEE MOVE Radio Club (IMRC).  We meet by WebEx, on the 4th Friday of each month, 7-9 pm Eastern time zone.  The meeting is open to all.  There is no admission fee and the rewards […]
  • October 2021 Mobile Section ExCom Meeting
    Members present: Y. El-Sharkh, J. Magnin, S. Latif, E. Spencer, D. Touma, M. Shaban The meeting was called to order at 12 PM. Meeting minutes: Preparation of a response to the IEEE R3 Request for information regarding the IEEE Mobile Section to be used on the IEEE Mobile Section website. Discussion of potential future activities […]