IEEE R3 YP Strategic Plan 2020

Pillar 1: Activities – Strategy to improve Region direct  member benefits

  • STEP Event at SoutheastCon
    • Funded partially be YP MGA
    • Focus is students and grad students
    • Region 3 advantage – Retention of student transitioning to YP
    • Brand enhancement
    • ½ day program in coordination with WIE and SAC
  • SYP R3 Congress
    • A flagship annual/bi-annual congress
    • Initially seeded by R3
    • 2-3 day event gathering all YP Student and WIE leaders in R3 for an event targeting 100 participants 
    • Focused on 
      • Leadership
      • Networking
      • Professional development
      • IEEE planning and org education
    • Could be hosted at a university in the summer break to minimize cost
  • Keep track of R3 YP AG health via MGA YP
    • Current numbers and overall trends
    • YP AGs officer roster
    • Membership trends
    • Total monthly activities – 10% Growth
    • Total MGA YP funding 
  • Nominate 1 R3 YP or AG for Global recognition annually 
  • Mentoring pilot 
    • 10 YPs to 10 LSM/LF members
  • Quarterly Webinars –  Elevator Pitch Micheal Arnold, Brian Woolfe Presentation Skills, Dana Swarner – Team Building, Paul Werbos – Out of the box? Aline- IEEE-USA EPC World Champion –  Aaron Beverly

Pillar 2: Membership development – a Strategy to improve member numbers and indices to gauge performance

  • AG numbers YoY target of 20% growth
  • Total number YoY member growth (Growth of year before) +5%
  • Create pitch and benefit list for R3 for use for marketing purposes
  • Link with the MGA YP data – performance of similar regions to compare

Pillar 3: Communication – Strategy to communicate the value proposition to members

  • YP Blog – Fed from vtools and automatically updated
  • YP Website
  • IEEE President/elect, Region Director and SSC Chair joining together for a Region Annual Online Town Hall open to all R3 YPs
  • 6 annual updates eNotices
  • Annual YP Online Town Hall/ Quarterly calls

Pillar 4: Branding – Strategy to Place YP as a well recognized and premier brand

  • IEEE R3 YP Leadership award
  • IEEE R3 Professional achievements award

Pillar 5: Governance and leadership: Strategy to ensure sustainability, transparency, equal opportunities and continuity in R3 YP operations

  • YP Committee/subcommittee development
  • YP Liaison to SOSC/Awards and SAC
  • Develop a team of at least 3 YPs who are already engaged with R3 YP activities
  • Develop N and A procedures to provide leadership opportunities to a larger a group as possible in a transparent yet practical manner
  • Develop a succession plan
  • At least nominate 3 YPs to Region other committee positions
  • Nominate 1 YP to IEEE other positions (MGA etc)
  • Experience transfer – have at least one R3 volunteer attend R8/10 SYP congresses
  • Annual Online Townhall for YPs with Region and Global IEEE leaders