PE Corner

In each of the Section newsletters, Senior Member Art Nordlinger keeps us informed about issues concerning continuing education, relicensing deadlines, regulatory issues at the Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE), and other news of interest to the profession.

Region 3 has invited Art Nordlinger to give a virtual presentation on Thursday, October 26, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM about the Florida Laws & Rules and Ethics for Professional Engineers.  This course is at a basic to intermediate level. Covering these topics: Basic Engineering Ethics Precepts, Florida Administrative Code 61G15, and Recent Cases and Examples.  Registration website Link:

In the January 2022 Newsletter, Art is giving a breakdown on the experience required to get your Professional Engineer (PE) license.  Until recently–with a 4-year degree–you had to obtain 48 months of experience to qualify.  The Florida Legislature recently changed the law and you will now need 72 months of experience before you can apply to be a PE.  More about it in the newsletter…

In the November/December 2021 Newsletter, Art announced that he will review the process to get a PE license in the next couple of months, because there have been several significant changes to the process in recent years.  He provided a brief overview of important changes.

In the October 2021 Newsletter, Art explains the role of the Florida Engineers Management Corporation (FEMC).  More information at the FBPE website.

“Whether you are a PE looking to attain required CEHs, or an engineer looking to learn something new or keep current with the latest trend in the profession, IEEE has seminars that will meet your needs. ”