Consultants Network Past Events

July 26,2011

“Cloud Computing”

David Meyer, Solution Architect, Dell Data Center Solutions, David shared his knowledge of cloud computing discussing ‘cloud’ architecture details providing an overview of both the benefits as well as limitations as companies are moving resources and applications into the ‘cloud’.  David has provided his presentation for review and benefit of those not able to attend this  very interesting dinner meeting. Cloud Computing


June 21, 2011

“4G: A Closer Look at Wimax and LTE”

 Julie Oppegard, 4G RF Engineering and Deployment, Sprint Nextel Corporation, presentation described the basics of Wimax and LTE covering  several  concepts including the spectral efficiency, network architecture, QoS, and coding and modulation schemes of each. In addition, Julie  briefly touch on other technologies including, HSPA+, UMTS and Edge Evolution. This was an excellant evening enjoyed by all present. Ms. Oppegard has graciously provided her presentation for reference.    4G: A Closer Look at Wimax and LTE