Marijuana Arrives In Florida – What’s In It For Engineers?

Marijuana Arrives In Florida – What's In It For Engineers?

Marijuana Arrives In Florida – What’s In It For Engineers?

Pot, Weed, Grass, Cannabis, Reefer – call it what you like, marijuana goes by many different names. Amendment 2 has been passed by voters in Florida and what that means is that shortly medical marijuana will become available via dispensaries to residents with medical needs.

The estimated size of the legal U.S. marijuana industry (both medical and recreational) in 2016 was $7.1B– a boost of more than 25% over the year 2015. The market is forecasted to grow by 700% from 2016. This is going to be huge! The impact of planting, growing, harvesting, processing, distributing, and selling medical marijuana is going to be a very large brand new business.

This new market is going to require a great deal of engineering talent. Brand new legal growing operations are going to have to be set up. As the plants grow, they are going to have to be monitored, fed, watered, and cared for. Once they have matured,  the plants wlll need to be harvested, processed, and then distributed. Due to the nature of this product, extensive security proceedures will need to be put in place in order to track everything. The number of new engineering jobs that will be created is going to be enormous.

I’ve been able to get two of the movers and shakers in the Florida marijuana market to agree to share all of their secrets with us. Catherine M. Zito the CEO of American Wellness, Inc. and Doug Fyvolent, Hydroponics Cultivator and owner of Solaridy CropTowers. The have all of the answers about what is going on in the U.S. marijuana as well as what we can expect to happen here in Florida.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 17th from 6:00pm – 7:30pm.

It will be held at the John F. Germany Public Library which is located in downtown Tampa at: 900 N. Ashley Dr., Tampa, Florida.

Your life is going to be impacted by the arrival of medical marijuana. No matter if you have need of this product, if your friends do, or if you’d be interested in working in this new industry that is going to need a lot of engineering talent in order to be successful, this is the IEEE PACE meeting that you are going to need to attend.

Sign up online for this meting here by clicking here!