CHAIR: Michael Mayor, MSE, PE – michael.mayor@ieee.org

VICE CHAIR: Andrew Seely – andrew.seely@ieee.org

SECRETARY: Dr. Chung Seop Jeong – jeong@usf.edu

PAST CHAIR:  Paul Belussi – paul.belussi.us@ieee.org

TREASURER: Claude Pitts, Robert Demelo

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ASSISTANT TREASURER: Robert DeMelo – robert.demelo@ieee.org

SIGNAL EDITOR: Michael Mayor – michael.mayor@ieee.org

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MEMBERSHIP: Hermann Amaya – hermann.amaya.us@ieee.org

TEACHER IN-SERVICE: Sean Denny – Venner20@ieee.org 

AESS/IMS Aerospace & Electronic Systems/Instrumentation and Measurment,

Joint Chapter Chair: Michael Mayor, MSE, PE – michael.mayor@ieee.org

CS Computer Science, Chapter Chair: Andrew Seely – Andrew.seely@ieee.org

Co-Chair: Dr. Jim Anderson – jim.anderson@ieee.org

EMBS Engineering in Medicine & Biology, Chapter Chair: Sylvia Thomas – sylvia@usf.edu

MTT/AP/ED Microwave Theory & Techniques/Antennas & Propagation/Electron Devices,

Joint Chapter Chair: Jing Wang – jingw@usf.edu

PES/IAS Power & Energy/Industry Applications,

Joint Chapter Chair: Kayla Allemang, PE – kallemang@ieee.org

RAS Robotics & Automation, Chapter Chair: Sean Denny – venner20@ieee.org

SP/COMM Signal Processing / Communications

Joint Chapter Chair: Dr. Michael Ramalho – mar42@cornell.edu

WIE WOMEN IN ENGINEERING Affinity Group: Diana Aristizabal – dianaaristizabal@ieee.org

LIFE MEMBER Affinity Group: Richard Beatie, PE – r.beatie@ieee.org

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: TJ Ross – a.j.ross@ieee.org

CONSULTANTS NETWORK: Hermann Amaya – hermann.amaya.us@ieee.org

CONFERENCES: Josh Grose – jgrose@gmail.com

SECTION STUDENT ACTIVITIES CHAIR: Ron Ambrosio – ron.ambrosio@ieee.com


Dr. Andrew Hoff, Student Branch Co-Advisor – hoff@usf.edu

Dr. Chung Seop Jeong, Student Branch Co-Advisor – jeong@usf.edu

Dr. Robert Karam, CS Chapter Advisor – rkaram@usf.edu

Dr. Jing Wang, MTT Chapter Advisor – jingw@usf.edu


USF Student Branch, Chair: Utkarsh Misra – umisra@usf.edu

USF CS Chapter Chair: Mykyta (Nick) Nechaiev – mnechaiev@usf.edu

USF Microwave Theory & Techniques Chapter: Anil Imren – imrena@usf.edu

USF HKN Kappa Xi Chapter President: Roberto Montero – roberto.montero@ieee.org


Student Chapter President: Aedan Casey – acasey9788@floridapoly.edu

        Student Branch Advisor: Dr. Muhammad S. Ullah – mullah@floridapoly.edu

CS Chapter Chair: Zane Wolfe – zwolfe4232@floridapoly.edu

CS Chapter Advisor: Oguzhan Topsakal – otopsakal@floridapoly.edu

WEB MASTER: TJ Ross – a.j.ross@ieee.org

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