Blockchain Seminar Was A Success!

Blockchain Seminar Was A Success!

Blockchain Seminar Was A Success!

The IEEE Florida West Coast Section’s PACE group held a presentation on Wednesday, September 26 to discuss the revolution in software that is being caused by the arrival of Blockchain. The presentation was put on by Dr. Jim Anderson. During the presentation Dr. Anderson provided a three-layer view of Blockchain: enough information to discuss Blockchain at a cocktail party, enough to help a friend out during a discussion at Starbucks, and finally enough to deal with a know-it-all at work.

The difference between the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Blockchain was discussed in detail. Dr. Anderson made sure to cover how Blockchain is able to ensure that the information that it holds cannot be tampered with and how, if somebody tried to modify it, it could be detected. The audience was taught how hashing works and how both private and public crypto keys can be used to create a digital signature.

The presentation was recorded and can be viewed on YouTube at:

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