DevOps: What It Is And Why You Should Care

DevOps: What It Is And Why You Should Care

DevOps: What It Is And Why You Should Care

Welcome to the brave new world of creating software. Once upon a time a lonely engineer would go off and sit in the corner, write some software code, and then hand it over to some other engineering professionals who would put that code into production and the world was a good place.

Things quickly went south on us. It turns out that creating software has become a whole lot more tricky as the number of languages that can be used has exploded, customers have become more demanding, and the underlying hardware, databases, and other supporting infrastructure has started to change at a mind-numbing pace. Where we stand today is that engineers write software, hand it off to be placed into production and things don’t work. How many times have you gone to a web site only to discover that something was screwed up?

I’ve got some good news for you: there is a solution to the mess that we find ourselves in. It’s called DevOps. In a nutshell, DevOps is what happens when you get the software development side of the house to work with the production side of the house. No, this is not an easy thing to do. Everything has to change from how the software is developed, to how it’s tested, and finally to how it ends up being deployed. However, if we want to have a chance of keeping our sanity, this is what we’ve got to do.

DevOps is new stuff. We’re still learning the rules. Your IEEE Section is going to invite a panel of smart people who are living the DevOps lifestyle every day to come and present what they know about it. Somethings work really well, and other things still need a bit of work. Come to this session and find out what all of the buzz is about and how you can get involved in the brave new world of DevOps.

Join us on Wednesday evening, April 10th at 6:00pm. We’ll be meeting at TECO Hall which is located at TECO Plaza, 702 N. Franklin St., Tampa. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the meeting organizer, Jim Anderson at I’ll see you there!

Sign up online at:

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