WIE Seminar-Smart Factory: Intelligent Motor Control Centers Technology and Integrated Architecture

WIEDate: Wednesday June 16th 
Time: 5:30 – 7:00PM
Cost: $10.00 Members, $15.00 Non Members- Sandwiches or Salads will be provided.
Speaker: John Kirchner, Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley Co
Contact: Valerie Tur, WIE Chair, 813-362-5022

An actual Intelligent Motor Control Center will be at the seminar for viewing which will include the latest in intelligent motor control devices, such as AC Drives, soft starters and electronic overload relays. The Intelligent Motor Control Center also includes “IntelliCENTER” software which offers the ultimate window into the Intelligent Motor Control Center. The IntelliCENTER software provides both real-time diagnostics and Motor Control Center (MCC) documentation at the user’s fingertips, to maximize MCC and related equipment performance. The software’s flexibility allows monitoring of the MCC from anywhere within a facility over DeviceNet, ControlNet or Ethernet. This means that IntelliCENTER screens can easily be viewed within software packages that have ActiveX containers, e.g. Human Machine Interface (HMI) packages such as RSView. HMI programmers can quickly and easily incorporate several of the IntelliCENTER Screens into their application.
Utilization of these concepts will enable customers to:

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Startup Time on New Installation
  • Increase Personnel Safety
  • Incorporate Remote Monitoring

Speaker Biography:     John Kirchner,   jckirchner@ra.rockwell.com
35 Years Experience with Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley Co.

  • Account Sales Engineer – Buffalo, NY
  • Branch Manager – Erie, PA
  • Product Specialist (PLC, Electric Servo, CNC, DC Drives, AC Drives) – Ft Lauderdale, FL
  • Area Manager (Power Products) – Tampa, FL

Since 1987, John has worked as a technical specialist assisting customers in the application of the following products:

  • MV Voltage AC drives for fan and pump applications
  • drives for packaging and material handling
  • Large Hp Low Voltage AC drives for pump
  • Assisting Customers with installation issues
  • Assisting Customers with product integration

Education: BS Electrical Engineering – Valparaiso University

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