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Life Members Affinity Group

Requirements for Membership, Meetings, and Activity



  • A Life Members Affinity Group shall be required to maintain a membership of not fewer than six (6) members and to hold not less than two programs per year, or to maintain a level of activity acceptable to the Regional Life Members Coordinator.
  • A Life Members Affinity Group shall submit annually a meeting report, a roster of officers, and a budget proposal for the next year, to the Regional Life Members Coordinator.



Potential Affinity Group Activities

  • Technical lecture
  • Joint activities with parent Section
  • Visit to museum or technical site
  • Social gathering, luncheon – enjoy each other’s company
  • Assist your local Student Branches
    • Resource for soft skills for job interviews and early career know-how
    • Student paper contests judging
    • Host book sharing days
  • Assist your local school districts (pre-university)
    • Career days
    • Science fair judging
  • IEEE Mentoring Program
    • Become a participating mentor
  • Assist the local Section
  • New officer orientation sessions
    • Past/current volunteers that are Life members can host
  • New unit formations
    • Provide assistance in getting Student Branches, Chapters, Affinity Groups formed
    • Reference point for new officers
  • Senior Member Elevations
    • Produce reference letters for local members

IEEE Life Members Affinity Group Management & Procedures

Life Member Affinity Chair

Charles Lord

Charles Lord, PE, HKN is a consultant, professional trainer, and speaker in embedded systems development. Through his company, Blue Ridge Advanced Design and Automation, he provides both live and web-based training. As a long-term IEEE volunteer, he has served as chair of the Eastern NC Section as well as the NC Council and has served on numerous IEEE committees including Region 3 Leadership Development and the MGA Center for Leadership Development. (IEEE SoutheastCon Steering Committee, Member, IEEE-USA AICNCC, and Co-Chair, IEEE SoutheastCon 2020)