Western North Carolina Section

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UNCA Student Branch Officers

Student Counselor: Professor Eli Buckner, Ph.D.

Ivan Renjel Nomura
Fourth Year Mechatronics student. Interests include, Mathematical Modelling, 3D printing, 2D and 3D CAD Design, Analog Circuit Design, Digital Controller Logic, Networking (Server based), SQL management, General Robotics with current experience with Denso Robotics Equipment.
Favorite Courses include ECE 220, JEM 420 and ECE 306. Currently, I’m a TA for 3D CAD design and work as one of the 3D print techs for UNCA.
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Chase Conder
Vice Chair
Fourth-year Senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering. My primary interests include additive manufacturing, control systems, and material science; while my favorite courses have been Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials (MSE 201), Mechatronics Systems Modeling (JEM 420), and Solid Mechanics (MSE 214).
I work as a TA for UNCA’s Intro to Computer-Aided Design class, and as an estimator for Carolina Floor Systems.
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Chris Bass
I am a junior pursuing a bachelors in science through the NCSU/UNCA joint Mechatronics Engineering program. Some of my favorite classes have been computer systems, logic design, and mechatronics system modeling, and I enjoy using the diverse knowledge from this program in creating various projects and prototypes.
Ethan Hollingsworth
I am in my 4th of 5 years pursuing a Mechatronics Engineering major and minors in Computer Science and Mathematics. I enjoy my Mechatronics Systems Modeling and Differential Equations courses. Sensors and data processing are also points of interest for me.