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WCU Student Branch Officers

Student Counselor:

Ben Carpenter

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics at Western Carolina University.  IEEE WCU Student Chapter Chair.  Interested in Aerospace and enjoys hiking and guitar.

Favorite course was EE351 Systems Analysis. Interaction with engineers during high school influenced Ben to pursue engineering education.
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James Nelson

Dedicated electrical engineering student with minors in computer science and mathematics. Experienced with leadership positions and self-motivated educational pursuits. Skilled with MATLAB, Java, Python, Arduino, and Microsoft Office. Serving as the 2021-2022 WCU Student Branch Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Vice-Chair.

Interned at Eaton and created automated file transfer system to streamline front-end engineering process, resulting in an annual savings of $150,000. Built working relationships with members of front-end engineering, studying the function of their roles. Maintained detailed system documentation, totaling over 50 pages
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Stefan Leclair

I am currently a student at Western Carolina University pursuing a B.S in Electrical Engineering and plan to work in audio hardware development and the field of Audio DSP, but am open to all opportunities. I always enjoy new challenges and experiences! One of my goals is to start an Audio Mixing/Recording business.

I have a BS Music Technology, Audio Engineering from Universtiy of North Carolina Asheville
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Daniel Bazhaw
Committee Coordinator

Bachelor of Science – Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology student.  Capstone Project – Incorporate accelerometer and sensors in an electronic product.  The goal is to implement the application in new products.  I enjoy the blend of hardware and software aspects in microcontrollers.

I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice with a minor in Emergency and Disaster Management. Course Tutor for ~2 years tutoring a total of 5 different courses. IT Student Support Technician/Agent for 7 months at WCU. Hobbies – I love hiking and traveling to different national and state parks across the country. I’ve also had a love of music since I was very young and enjoy playing drums/percussion, guitar, and dabbling with DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) such as Ableton Live.
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