Western North Carolina Section

2022 Officers

Advancing Technology for Humanity here in Western North Carolina

Jeff Bevan

Founder and owner of Phase1Acoustics LLC.  IEEE member over 30 years.  SME: NVH test and development, Finite Element Analysis, BLDC noise and vibration, Ball bearing dynamics, DSP, Acoustic and Vibration product design and development.

Specializes in structureborne noise in product design and Active Structural Acoustic Control useing piezoelectric sensors and actuators. Experience in automotive NVH test and development. Uses MATLAB, LabView and finite element analysis.
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Arlissa Vaughn

CEO and President of Aegis Power Systems, Inc., a power electronics design and manufacturing company located in Western NC. Active role in supporting innovative research, new product launch and marketing, and business development. Personal interests include igniting STEM and creative thinking in youth, recreational boating, travel, and visual arts.

I continually challenge myself and my team to use strategy-driven methods to reach new goals, solve operational issues, provide stellar customer support, and innovate cutting-edge power supply products.
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AJ Burke

NC Council and WNC Section Secretary/Vice-Chair/Chair Responsible for managing the operations of the Section to ensure that the best interests the local members are being met as well as working closely with the Chairs of the Technical Chapters and/or Affinity Groups to ensure that the programs offered by these subunits are focused on increasing member engagement and/or meeting the needs of the local member.

Highly accomplished systems and test engineer and technology manager/consultant with years of comprehensive experience in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, biotech, defense, electronics, energy, healthcare, and plastics. Expertise and experience in systems engineering, test engineering, energy management systems, healthcare, and business systems development, data acquisition and control, laboratory systems and automation, robotics and automation, software and systems architecture, software design and development, software quality, reliability, and test, network design and implementation, network systems security and troubleshooting, project management, program management and Internet technologies including Internet of Things (IoT). 
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Bill Barkley

IEEE Senior Life Member, Retired. At Alcatel/ITT Telecom he designed PCM-based communications equipment, developed custom IC specifications, participated in system field trials, and supplied manufacturing support for in-house products. At Exar Integrated Systems he provided Telecom IC applications support.

Charles Lord
Local Consultants Network Chair and Life Member Affinity Chair

Charles Lord, PE, HKN is a consultant and professional trainer, and speaker in embedded systems development. Through his company, Blue Ridge Advanced Design and Automation, he provides both live and web-based training. As a long-term IEEE volunteer, he has served as chair of the Eastern NC Section as well as NC Council and has served on numerous IEEE committees including Region 3 Leadership Development and the MGA Center for Leadership Development.

IEEE SoutheastCon Steering Committee

Co-Chair, IEEE SoutheastCon 2020

Embedded Systems are growing and changing DAILY in complexity and new techologies. How can you stay current in order to stay competative in this market? Never fear! I provide training design assistance, and other resources for you and/or your company in order for you to learn and use the newest technologies in your new or existing products. I bring over 40 years of design experience in embedded systems, including telecom, medical devices, pharmaceutical, military, and industrial controls. Recognized expert in ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4, particularly with NXP and ST Micro processors and silicon. Also trainer in ARM CORTEX M4, RTOS, USB, TCP/IP, and PCB design and layout. Also design partner with Microchip and Renesas as well as design with TI MSP430 and Stellaris. Have done Android handset and tablet development, primarily for HMI/GUI for embedded systems, and will be offering Android / Java training starting in 2019.
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Bora Karayaka

Bora Karayaka is an Engineering faculty at the College of Engineering and Technology, Western Carolina University. He has worked as a Senior Engineer for smart grid and wireless communication industries for over ten years. Currently, he is leading the efforts to establish electric power engineering as a discipline within the School of Engineering + Technology. This has involved outreach and recruiting activities as well as developing and delivering the curriculum.

Perry Sprawls
Newsletter Editor

Distinguished Emeritus Professor, Emory University School of Medicine, Founding Co-Editor, Medical Physics International Journal, Co-Editor, Encyclopedia of Medical Physics,
Co-Director, History of Medical Physics Project, Co-Director, College on Medical Physics. International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy