IEEE PACE Tesla Meeting Was A Success!

Tesla Presentation To IEEE FWCS PACE Group

Tesla Presentation To IEEE FWCS PACE Group

On Wednesday, August 16, 2017, the IEEE’s Florida West Coast Section’s PACE group held a meeting in which representatives from the Tampa area Tesla dealership were invited to come and make a presentation about the company’s electric cars. Tesla came and they brought four demo cars with them that were made available to meeting participants to test drive prior to the start of the meeting. The company’s Model S and their Model X were both present.

Brad Samuels, a Tesla customer experience specialist, made the presentation. During his presentation Brad covered the company’s history, the different products that it has produced, and the different performance characteristics of each of the models of the cars that are currently being sold.


This event was recorded and can be viewed on YouTube. The link to the video is:

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