NOTICE:  Please be aware that in order to access any of the references that are IEEE only, it is necessary that you join the [email protected] Collaboration.  Without such, GoogleDrive security has no way to verify your IEEE membership.  You will find numerous benefits in joining this collaboration, which is FREE to all IEEE members, and you are encouraged to do so.  You may request an IEEE alias as an email address, and you should do so.  This is a powerful tool to:  (1) help you organize and compartment your IEEE related email, (2) limit your visibility to ‘IEEE’ without revealing your personal or perhaps sensitive professional occupation unless you wish to do so, and (3) it’s a ‘door opener’ for those in the know.  It identifies you as a member of an elite (but not elitist) organization, an organization at the top of your field.  Those in the know, know; and those not in the know, ask!  It’s a great conversation starter now that IEEE stands for ‘IEEE’ and no longer ‘The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’!

Why just the other day I was asked what ‘IEEE‘ stood for and I said, simply, ‘IEEE’ and then, when the questioner clearly expected more, added ‘The Worlds Largest Professional Association for the Advancement of Technology!  We’re about 400,000 members strong.’  Well, that got their attention!

Membership in IEEE is open to individuals who by education or experience give evidence of competence in an IEEE designated field. The designated fields are: Engineering, Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Physical Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Technical Communications, Education, Management, and Law and Policy.

IEEE offers the following grades of membership: Student, Graduate Student, Associate, member, Senior member, and Fellow. The special categories of Life member, Young Professional, and Society Affiliate are also offered.

 Once you have joined the [email protected] collaboration, please be aware that you must use your IEEE (Collaboration) Email as your UserId, in order to gain access to these files.  Be aware that these files may be further restricted (e.g. ‘Officer Only’), in which case, without further login you won’ t be able to access these files.  If you are trying to use a link and it says ‘Access denied’, you may be given the opportunity to ‘request permission to view/edit this file’; but, this imposes a burden on those managing these references and defeats the purpose of the [email protected] Collaboration. If, AFTER, using your IEEE login, you are still denied access to the file of interest and believe that you should have access, then enter your request seeking permission, which may or may not be granted after reviewing your credentials.  Many thanks!  It is our intention to make IEEE Richmond Section business freely available to IEEE members, while maintaining the privacy and security protocols that are put in place for your security and safety.  Your cooperation is appreciated as every request for individual access needs to be handled individually, so please sign-up for [email protected]!

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