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Working Note:  With the addition of new materials developed and deployed by IEEE, the above links may be sufficient to replace most of the material below, which is now substantially redundant.  If you have an interest in helping to verify what is covered and what is not, your assistance would be appreciated.  It may be as simple as printing the page, punching through the links, marking the duplicates and communicating your results.  And if you are so inclined, it could be as involved as a complete redesign of the website within the flexible but uniform structure provided by IEEE for this purpose.  Please contact Steve Kemp, Richmond Section Chair, if you can help.  We are looking for a webmaster for the Richmond Section.  You can manage the task to suit your availability and interest.  Any and all contributions of time and talent are welcome.

  • IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Operations Manual (The MGA Operations Manual – See Section 9 – Geographic Organization Units for material relevant at the Section, Chapter, Affinity Group and Student Branch levels, among others.)  If having trouble displaying .pdf files in Acrobat DC from Internet Explorer, try this.

Senior Member Nominations Status

Center for Learning Excellence (CLE)

MGA Manual

IEEE Organization Unit (OU) Treasurer

IEEE Travel Reimbursement – CONCUR

Conflict-of-Interest Disclosure (Required Annually by ALL Organizational Unit (OU) Chairs and Treasurers)

IEEE Continuing Professional Education

Access to Organizational Unit and Member data

vTools – Who has access to vTools?

IEEE Student Branch Officer Responsibilities and Administration (from IEEE Website)

IEEE Master Brand

IEEE Brand Experience

IEEE Richmond website

  • Add New Post (for WebMaster & Subject Matter Expert Contributors)
  • WordPress, Edit Richmond website (for WebMaster and certain authorized users.  Note: please edit/insert the copyright notice with the date of work and your initials, as in “Revised 20-September-2018 © IEEE Richmond Section – All Rights Reserved (fl)”.  Please also make sure that a site backup is current before you edit.)
  • NOTE:  Edits in vTools post directly to the event.  However, downstream feeds, such as the Calendar and Events list under the Calendar roll through once a day.  And, the Events List is a ‘dumb post’; that is, any new material appears as a second item in the list and the user making the change in a vTools Event MUST EDIT THE WEBSITE via WORDPRESS, Events, and DELETE the now obsolete listing, leaving the newly modified one!  Capiche?
  • NOTE:  If you don’t have Edit privileges on the Section’s WORDPRESS website, please ASK for same.  After all, it’s YOUR website!  Please experiment with your Chapter, Affinity Group or Student Branch web page(s).  Improvements will be noticed by others and they will then upgrade the appearance and functionality of their domain.  If you are particularly proud of your change, share it with the other officers–your contributions matter.
  • NOTE:  For posting non-reportable events (e.g., external events) to the Section Calendar, either of two methods can be used:
    • Post via vTools, but simply don’t report the event.
    • Post directly to the website Calendar via WordPress as an Event.  Such postings will NOT show up in the listing of Upcoming and Past events for the Section under the Meetings & Events tab.
  • NOTE:  vTools Events On-site Registration

IEEE Entity Web Hosting

  • Using feeds in vTools Meetings
    • RSS and HTML feeds

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