Young Professionals Affinity Group (YPAG)



Richmond YPAG, Project Initiatives:


  1. Drone Races (Facebook)

  2. Prosthetics Project

    1. 2018-0709 Meeting Announcement

Founded (July 2017)

Organizer:  –  Shellie Lundquist,


  1. Thea Pepperl

  2. Marian Do

  3. David Choe

  4. Carol Fung

  5. Erica Bennett

  6. John Moody

  7. Bailey Ulferts

Initial Officers:

  • Chair – Shellie Lundquist

  • Vice-chair – David Choe

  • Treasurer – Marian Do

  • Secretary – John Moody

The Young Professionals Affinity Group

Opportunity Knocks–Surf the Efficient Frontier
(and form a local Affinity Group)

IEEE Mentoring Centre

How to form an Affinity Group

Contact your Section Chair for assistance (he’s on the ExCom).

Know your Executive Committee (ExCom).  They are there for your benefit, get to know them!

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