What does a Red Cross response look like?

IEEE MOVE partners with the American Red Cross to provide communications, local and handheld power in support of their mission.

To get a look at the Red Cross delivery of services, see:  https://vimeopro.com/americanredcross/disaster-b-roll

To see more of IEEE MOVE, see:  https://move.ieeeusa.org

A disaster radio drill is coming on May 8, 2021, see:  https://arc-emcomm-training.groups.io/g/main.  This exercise will focus on Winlink (email over radio) by licensed Amateur Radio Operators (a/k/a Ham Radio), who provide a valuable service in the communications challenged period immediately following disasters.  Sometimes “immediate” can stretch into weeks and months, as it did in Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the U.S. West Coast Wildfires.

And, for a weekly drill, see:  Winlink Wednesday

Thank you for your interest!  If you want to get involved, or just know more, contact Steve.Kemp@redcross.org with Subject: IEEE MOVE

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