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IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES)

One of 39 IEEE societies that represent a wide range of technical interests, the IEEE Power & Energy Society is a worldwide association of more than 24,000 individuals engaged in the electric power energy industry. The PES mission is to be the leading provider of scientific information on electric power and energy for the betterment of society and the preferred professional development source for our members.

 IEEE Power and Energy Society

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IEEE Richmond Power & Energy Society Chapter

The IEEE Richmond PES Chapter, one of over 200 IEEE PES chapters world-wide, is part of the IEEE Richmond Section family of IEEE organizational units, engaging in the professional and technical interests of 125+ local PES members, and the approximately 800 members of the IEEE Richmond Section, for the greater good of society in 26 counties and six independent cities of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States.

IEEE Richmond PES Chapter Officers

The current officers of the IEEE Richmond PES Chapter are:

IEEE Richmond PES Programs and Seminars

The IEEE Richmond PES Chapter hosts programs or seminars, to further the technical development of its members and inform the greater community in power and energy-related matters. These events are open to the public.  Find local meetings and major conference schedules under the ‘Meetings and Events’ tab.  Check out the ‘Travelling? … ‘ heading if you’re on the road. Remember, a career opportunity lies behind every network token.  Collect your tokens and win a prize!

Please check the IEEE Richmond Section website and Calendar, regularly, for meeting announcements.  We’re putting more active content on our website to make the process more interesting.  You don’t have to stay long, but get in the habit of checking the website for a minute or two each day–and you’ll be the first to know about things you never thought would interest you.

While you’re at it, see if you can find ways to locate meetings in other cities, global conferences, career opportunities, eNotices, posts to our center bulletin board, member, volunteer, committee and officer resources, etc.  Check out the Quick Links!  Are you a candidate for Senior Member?  Would you like to invite a colleague to join IEEE?  They get a discount and you get a prize?  And, your local chapter gains the depth and breadth of organization that leads to better programs, more opportunities, greater value for your membership dollar.

Let us know if we left anything out–but, we don’t do coffee!  Many of us think of IEEE as our Professional Home, an important port in the storm of present day, project oriented employment!

Think of the IEEE and IEEE Power and Energy websites as the main reference library, and the local Richmond and PES Chapter websites as the convenience store.

And, when asked:  What do PES members do?  They KEEP THE LIGHTS ON!


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