Region 3 Members,

This is your Monthly Member Communication – August 2021 Edition

Hello, Region 3.  This month is gearing for Back to School! Many of you will be going back to onsite work after being in a “work-from-home” status for over a year during the pandemic. IEEE is starting to host live in-person meetings again, some of which are hybrid meetings which offer members a choice to tie via internet or live and in-person.  Whatever you Section’s “new-normal” is, please check out the upcoming meetings this month, see below. Sections, please don’t forget to share pictures of our events and invite your friends and co-workers. We are continuing to update our IEEE Region 3 website Region 3 website and post to our social media platforms, so make sure that you are linked to stay up to date on the happenings in and around your area. Please browse through the announcements and virtual meetings below and join us if you can. 🙂

August 2021 – Region 3 Upcoming Virtual Meetings & Announcements

Announcement: W4MOV, the IEEE MOVE Radio Club. Hopefully, most of you are already familiar with the IEEE MOVE project. In short, it is an emergency support project that has been designed, supported, and operated by IEEE volunteers for more than five years. You will find a lot more information at this site if you need it,

Contact Grayson Randall with any questions.

Announcement: 2021 “New Normal” Project Funding available. Region 3 has approved funding for developing projects that engage our members; facilitates interaction between Section, Chapters, Student Branches and the community; and focuses on the theme of “New Normal”.  Up to $1,000 is available to each team that submits an approved application.  See details at the Region 3 website

Stay tuned to see the results of the applications selected. Contact Grayson Randall with questions.

Announcement: the MGA Training Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 Volunteer Leadership Training (VoLT) Program and will begin accepting applications for the program on 1 June 2021 through 21July2021.  The VoLT Program prepares IEEE volunteers for leadership roles in their local units and beyond. The program’s key goals are to: 1) Accelerate volunteer’s knowledge of the IEEE’s organization, products, services, and resources; 2) Help volunteers understand their roles within their local units and within the entire organization; and 3) Create a succession tool that develops and prepares future IEEE volunteer leaders.

Since the program’s launch in 2013, over 350 volunteers graduated from the program. Our VoLT graduates represent all 10 IEEE Regions and over 100 Sections. For your reference, attached is the list of graduates from the 2020 class. A list of all graduates since 2013 can be found here. The volunteers who graduated from the program took the time to undergo the training, knowing the commitment involved. We hope the result will be a more energized, well-informed, and engaged volunteer for your Section and Region. Applicants will be notified of their application status mid- to late-August.

More information about the VoLT Program, including application requirements, can be found in the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) (you may be prompted to log in to the CLE with your IEEE account). Questions regarding the program, please let us know at

Announcement: The second HAC/SIGHT Call for Proposals HAC/SIGHT Call for Proposals will be open from 12 July – 16 August. This Call will primarily be focused on COVID-related challenges, but if you have a project that will meet a pressing need in your community (not related to COVID), you can submit that as well.

This year, HAC is offering an additional engagement opportunity for IEEE members. You can now serve as an HAC/SIGHT project proposal reviewer by clicking this link: serve as an HAC/SIGHT project proposal reviewer, and use your expertise to help select the best projects to make meaningful changes to local communities around the globe. Please use this link to apply: apply.

You can watch the HKN Connection podcast session recording here session recording, or listen to the audio version on the HKN podcast website. The first-ever IEEE HAC Global Summit will be held on 10 November, 2021. The HAC Committee is currently developing the event program and more details are upcoming.  For any questions regarding HAC, please contact Tamseel Syed at:

Announcement: Congratulations goes out to the Jamaica Section for the implementation of a Pandemic Project in their community! Please see publication highlights of their Pandemic Project – Desk Sneeze Shields handover ceremony at the link below. For more information on this project, contact Sharlene Brown at:

Monday – August 2nd, 2021 (4:00pm – 5:00pm CST) Alabama Section

Switches and Lockout Relay 101, By: Bob Angeli, Electroswitch

The presentation will cover the following topics: Switch Types – Snap, Cam, Detent, Definition of Terms, Reading a switch drawing, X-Chart basics, Shorting and non-shorting contacts, Targets and slip contacts, What is an LOR / How does it work, How to select an LOR, Electric and Self-Reset Options, Smart Nameplates and Q&A.

Registration Website Link:

Virtual Meeting Link:

Thursday – August 12th, 2021 (6:00pm – 7:00pm CST) Region 3

Fellows Applications Process Webinar, By: Dr. Hulya Kircici

The Region 3 Fellows Coordinator has scheduled a Webinar for the next Fellows Application Process. For information on submitting your Fellows Application, obtaining references, or for a copy of the presentation slides after this webinar, please contact

Registration Website Link:

Virtual Meeting Link:

Saturday – August 21st, 2021 (12:00pm – 4:00pm EST) Florida West Coast Section

IEEE Senior Member Elevation, By: Hermann Amaya, Senior Member Chair

Candidates will be paired online with their references, such that the references can fill the appropriate forms.

Registration Website Link:

Virtual Meeting Link: WebEx

Participants will be sent a web link once they register online.


Looking forward to seeing you all in an upcoming IEEE Region 3 meeting!



Sonya Dillard, Chair

R3 Member Communications Committee