IEEE Region 3 Conference Information

The Conference Committee (CC) shall facilitate effective and timely conference planning and execution in the Region, especially SoutheastCon.

Region 3 Sponsored Conferences:

Interested in hosting SoutheastCon or putting together a conference? There are some reference materials available:


  1. The CC Chair shall be a member.
  2. The CC Vice Chair shall be a member.
  3. The Delegate/Director-elect shall be a member.
  4. The immediate past CC Chair shall be a member.
  5. The Student Activities Chair shall be a member.
  6. The Region 3 Treasurer shall be a member.
  7. The Conference Operations Specialist shall be a member.
  8. A past Delegate/Director shall be a member and serve as a mentor.
  9. The Present, immediate Past, and next two Future SoutheastCon General Chairs or an agreed upon representative (by the specific SoutheastCon Committee and the Region 3 Director) shall be members.
  10. Region Coordinator of Industry Engagement
  11. A member of the IEEE Staff dealing with conferences may be a non-voting member.


The CC shall:

  1. Encourage Region 3 organizational units to develop conferences to meet the specialized interests of their members.
  2. Solicit invitations from Sections in Region 3 to host SoutheastCon in accordance with the Region 3 SoutheastCon Operations Manual.
  3. Maintain a library of accumulated experience of the Region related to conferences to help ensure the success of future conferences.
  4. Periodically review the effectiveness of the conferences sponsored by Region 3 organizational units and make recommendations for improvements.
  5. Give assistance in the negotiation of contracts for service. Review, and approve all such contracts where Region 3 might have financial liability over $5000.00.
  6. Provide support for Region 3 conferences including sub-OUs with a focus on SoutheastCon.
  7. Maintain the IEEE Region 3 SoutheastCon Operations Manual.


The calendar for the high-level activities of the Conference Committee is online (even year) and (odd year). The committee will generally create a more detailed calendar for internal use.

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