IEEE Region 3 Section Support Information

The Section Support Committee (SSC) shall assist the Sections in as many ways as possible (1) to stimulate the interest of IEEE members, (2) to motivate members to volunteer, (3) to encourage professional and technical growth of all members, (4) to share best practices with other Sections, and (5) to form Engineering Affinity Groups.


  1. The SSC Chair shall be a member and shall assist the Region in planning for IEEE Sections Congress and in Section rejuvenation. The chair will also serve as the Region Vitality Coordinator to MGA.
  2. The Life Member Coordinator shall be a member.
  3. The Young Professional Coordinator shall be a member.
  4. The Women in Engineering Coordinator shall be a member.
  5. The Senior Member Elevation Coordinator shall be a member.
  6. Two Sections Operations Specialists shall be members. (vTools Coordinator. IEEE Systems Support, SAMIEEE, 360 degree, cookbook, etc.)
  7. The Project Coordinator shall be a member.
  8. The Technical Activities Coordinator shall be a member.
  9. One past Region 3 Delegate/Director shall be a Mentor.


The Section Support Committee shall:

  1. Assist in training section volunteers.
  2. Provide assistance and support to those Sections and Chapters that are having problems in meeting the requirements to remain active and viable.
  3. Assist Sections in the use of collaborative tools and other technologies that support Section and Region activities.
  4. Encourage Sections to sponsor member grade elevation programs.
  5. Encourage Sections to sponsor programs that support the interest and continued activity of Life Members.
  6. Encourage Sections to sponsor projects to facilitate the active involvement of members in IEEE activities.
  7. Initiate project experiments with one or more sections to encourage member engagement.
  8. Assist sections in developing technical programs for their members and accessing other technical activities in the Institute.