IEEE Region 3 Strategic Operations and Support Information

Chair: David Green

The Strategic Operations and Support Committee (SOSC) shall assist in Region 3 Activities of a strategic nature.

The Committee assists the Director and the other officers and committee chairs in annually refining the strategic direction and focus as well as preparing specific goals for the year. Through its experience in IEEE and with knowledge of the IEEE and the region, the SOSC tries to provide the current leaders, volunteers and members with advice and support aligned with the adopted strategy. The SOSC can often provide insight into how to plug into other parts of IEEE synergistically.

The SOSC maintains the


  1. The Chair of the SOSC shall be a member and shall have been a Delegate/Director.
  2. The Vice Chair of the SOSC shall be a member and shall have been a Delegate/Director.
  3. The Chair of the Operational Audit Committee shall be a member.
  4. All past Region 3 Delegate/Directors and/or past senior officers of the Institute who are willing to serve shall be members.
  5. The Director, Director-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be non-voting members.


  1. Define long-range Goals and Objectives for the Region.
  2. Assist Director in planning, conducting, and follow-ups associated with Director’s Annual Strategic
    Planning Retreat
  3. Assist Delegate/Director in the development of annual “Consolidated Goals & Objectives List”.
  4. Provide counsel to the Region 3 Executive Committee to minimize problems in the Region
  5. Maintain currency of the Region 3 Bylaws and the Region 3 Operations Manual. Process the
    proposed changes through the required endorsement and approval stages.
  6. Assist the Past Director in updating and maintaining the Region 3 History document.
  7. Support the Region 3 Mentor Program, assign committee members as “Mentors” (non-voting
    Members-At-Large) to Region 3 standing committees.
  8. Perform such Ad Hoc tasks as may be assigned by the Region 3 Delegate/Director.


The calendar for the high-level activities of the Strategic Operations and Support Committee is online
(even year) and (odd year).