IEEE Region 3 Operational Audit Information

The Operational Audit Committee (OAC) shall determine administrative and management effectiveness by performing operational reviews of other Region 3 Committees.


  1. The OAC Chair shall be a member.
  2. Four other individuals shall be members. It is suggested that these individuals have experience as Section Chairs, Region 3 Committee Chairs, or Region 3 Officers.
  3. No member of the OAC shall be a member of the committee(s) being reviewed.


The Operational Audit Committee shall:

  1. Conduct an operational audit of one or two standing committees each year as designated by the Delegate/Director as described in Section II, Policies and Procedures: Periodic Review of Region Standing Committees.
    1. The period of time to be considered in the review is the past four to six years.
    2. The OAC shall delve into the effectiveness, contributions, policies, procedures, actions, composition, budget considerations, and other related aspects of the committee being reviewed.
    3. The OAC shall provide a written report to the Delegate/Director giving the results of the operational audit of each committee.
  2. Conduct an operational audit of another Region 3 entity as designated by the Delegate/Director on an “as required” basis.


January: Delegate/Director informs OAC Chair of the committee(s) to be audited.
February: OAC Chair requests information from chair of committee(s) being audited.
May: Chair of committee being audited delivers information to OAC Chair.
August: OAC Chair delivers the preliminary audit report to the chair of the committee(s) being audited.
September: OAC Chair delivers the final audit report to the Delegate/Director.
September: The chair of the committee(s) being audited may deliver a report to the Delegate/Director in response to the audit report.

Review Criteria

Sufficient review criteria flexibility is allowed during the review process to permit focusing on the Charter of the Standing Committee being reviewed. The major sources of information for this review are the Committee minutes and reports that are archived on Region 3 website. Therefore, it is very important that the Committee Meetings Minutes and Annual Reports list accomplishments against the Committee’s Year’s Goals & Responsibilities and other important actions. At a minimum, the following information shall be made available to the Region 3 Operational Audit Committee:

  1. Committee responsibilities per the Region 3 Operations Manual.
  2. Committee goals as developed on a yearly basis.
  3. Committee structure/organizational chart.
  4. Committee members and terms of office (with contact information).
  5. Sponsorship of Region 3 members for Institute awards and recognition.
  6. Special Projects and initiatives.
  7. Committee budget with income and expense versus actuals.

Final Report:

The final audit report that is delivered to the Delegate/Director will contain recommendations for the committee being audited. Each recommendation will be action oriented and restricted to one issue. The committee being audited will prepare a response to the review, addressing each recommendation and indicating acceptance, modification, rejection, or need for guidance from the Region 3 Delegate/Director. The report and response will be archived for at least ten years.